Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

Flickr still in Nazi time? Taken in Horst Wessel instead of

I have a photo, that i took in the Astro Bar in Berlin Friedrichshain. And Flickr tells me it was taken in "Horst Wessel", Berlin. thats totally strange i looked up Wikipedia and found that this district was named Horst Wessel in Nazi time.

So does flickr still use old nazi maps and street names???

thats totally disgusting.

Now i put this images at the same location of my other pic and now it was taken in Friedrichsberg. I looked this up and this was the name of Friedrichshain before the Nazis (till 1907)

Seems that flickr is travling back in time.

Dienstag, 23. September 2008

IBM webpages chats with you

IBM webpages chats with you, originally uploaded by .schtieF.

I just clicked around the websites about the latest websphere app server 7.0 and suddenly a popup was asking me, "do you want to know something about this product? Start a chat?"

I was connected to a german speaking person answering my questions about this product. Thats crazy but a very good idea :-)

Montag, 15. September 2008

Metallica death magnetic @ o2 world berlin

Lets start again, thats my first blog entry since almost 3 or 4 years :-)

I was at the Metallica death magnetic record release concert in the newly opened o2 world in berlin.
Kat was on fire, while i was a little bit bored. Nothing compares to a concert where the band stands tide together on a stage infront of all. Those 360° stages are not my style.

I will upload all old entries to this one in the next time